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How much it costs to post a card in Australia (Updated Sep 2020)

Bea Brewer

Looking for how much it costs to post a card in Australia? Or perhaps you need to know how much to send a card overseas (US, UK or elsewhere in the world)? We have the answers for you right here! This article was last updated in September 2020, Australia Post stamp costs are correct as of that date.  Within Australia  The current cost of a stamp to post a greeting card or a letter within Australia is $1.10.    Overseas The current cost of a stamp to post a card or letter overseas is $3.20 (up to 50g). This is the...

Introducing... our 'hello' Letterpress Notecards

Bea Brewer

Hopefully by now, you’ll have been introduced to the very first Lovely Paper designed product - our ‘hello’ letterpress notecard sets. We love them so much! Each set contains six lovely letterpress notelets with envelopes, and of course, our Lovely Paper premium address labels.  We’re so thrilled to release our first ever product to you, and can’t wait to see how you use our new notecards as you send them out to their new homes, and to your special people.  In this post, we wanted to share a little more about these notecard sets, and bring you into their creation...

Introducing... Emilio Braga Notebooks

Bea Brewer

Since day dot, Lovely Paper has been focused purely on letterpress. One of the reasons for that is how letterpress makes you feel something - they’re not the throwaway digitally printed greeting cards that we have become so used to. There’s weight and texture and quality that comes through as soon as your fingertips touch the paper, nevermind the imaginative designs that come from the innovative small makers that we work with!  But my love of stationery has always expanded beyond letterpress. One of my funny memories is moving from the UK to Australia and in doing so, having to...

The making of our 'hello' letterpress notecards

Bea Brewer

Sometimes, an origin story starts from humble beginnings. And for our ‘hello’ notecards, it started with a simple email.  One of our Lovely Paper customers, and a lovely friend, reached out asking if I stocked such a thing as letterpress notecards. Not a wild request, but the answer was sadly no. Well, not yet anyway.  But the question helped to germinate a seed planted many years before.  Of course, I didn’t get there straight away. That would be too easy! I dug out my trusty sketchbook and sketched a bunch of ideas of what Lovely Paper notecards could be. There...

Our January theme: Slow

Bernadine Brewer

January. It's a month of New Year's Resolutions, of fresh starts, of goals and the best of intentions. We're as excited as anyone, particularly as there are so many ideas bubbling in our mind for Lovely Paper for 2019. So why is our theme for the month 'slow'?