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Our Not-So Black Friday

Bea Brewer

Dear all Oh I can imagine, your inbox is full to the brim of brands shouting about their Black Friday sales. Well, this is to tell you that sadly (in some ways) we're not going to be one of them! Yes, it's true, we will not be having a Black Friday sale. There's a reason this whole hooha started with the Big Guys, and they employ all kinds of retail tricks to get you to buy from them over the biggest shopping weekend of the year.As a small business we can't possibly compete - selling a mostly handmade range of products,...

Why we love... our Cherry Christmas cards

Bea Brewer

Meet our Cherry Christmas cards Introducing you to Lovely Paper's first greeting card design - Cherry Christmas. Here's just a few reasons why we love them!      Designed for the Australian Christmas What says Christmas in Australia more than a big punnet of delicious, fresh cherries? (Of course, I also find it hard to go past a festive pun...) And so Cherry Christmas came to be.Once I'd settled on the idea to make a tree from a cherry motif, I can't tell you how many cherries I drew to get the final style, shape and details right! It wasn't just the design that...

A Cherry Christmas Story - Why Letterpress is special

Bea Brewer

Got a minute? Well, take a seat and settle in. I want to tell you a story. It's a story about how our beautiful cards are made: the steps taken, the decisions made, the skills used - but really it's a story about why letterpress is special.Why each one is unique and handmade. Why making these cards requires patience and repetition. Why, yes, letterpress cards are a little more expensive - and why, in the end, they feel different to other greeting cards. Not just to you and I, but to the person who receives their card in the mail at...

Tips for writing Christmas cards part four - Finishing Touches (Updated for 2020)

Bea Brewer

So you've done the hard yards, got your cards all written and tucked away inside their envelopes ready to go in the postbox. Now it's time for the finishing touches. Here's a few ideas to make your Christmas cards extra special this year.   Address labels While it's certainly no big deal to write directly on the envelopes, sometimes it's rather more lovely to use an address label. They bring the added bonus of keeping your handwriting straight!  You can just use plain white stickers of course - particularly handy if you have a metallic envelope that doesn't like ink too...

Tips for writing Christmas cards part three - What to write in Christmas cards (Updated for 2020)

Bea Brewer

Wondering what to write in your Christmas cards this year? Yes, one of the nerve-wracking things is figuring out what to write in your Christmas cards, with those big and kinda intimidating, blank spaces.  (Do you sometimes long for those days when cards came with poems inside? Cheesy, yes - but all that space was taken up...)  Here's a few little tips on where to start when you're stuck with what to say.   Reflect So 2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster. Little funny stories of things that happened make great content for Christmas cards, as do memories of things that have happened to...