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Christmas card writing tips part one: Organising a Writing Date

Bea Brewer

I get it, writing Christmas cards can seem like a real chore. We love the bit of the process where we’re picking out the designs, and feeling the texture of the paper and the ‘feeling organised’ part. But then reality kicks in, right?

We’ve picked up a few tricks for getting Christmas-card-ready over the years, so here’s a few ideas to get you not only with the task ticked off your ‘to do’ list, but actually enjoying the whole thing too.

Schedule a ‘when’

Part of the reason writing Christmas cards can get stressful is that it’s one of those jobs that sits in your brain and annoys you until after you should have done it, but still haven’t gotten around to it.

It also takes longer than you think. So clear a good couple of hours in your diary and block out the time for a 'Writing Date', about a week or so before the day you absolutely HAVE to post them.

Create a writing date night for your Christmas cards this year

Make it an evening (feeling relaxed while you’re doing it helps…) and feel free to invite a friend to join you. You can keep each other on track.

Before your writing date, make sure you have everything you need. Enough of the perfect cards for everyone (of course!), a nice pen that feels comfortable to write with, postage stamps (you can even order those online) and any other bits and bobs that you like to add to your cards or envelopes.

Send fewer cards

Yes, yes - I know it may seem counter-intuitive for a company selling Christmas cards to say don’t send as many. But we mean it.

Christmas cards become a throwaway thing when they feel mass-produced - whether in how they’re made or in how they’re written.  We’ve all received cards from our great Aunt’s second cousin’s wife with nothing but a signature, and thought ‘why did they bother?!’

People can tell when they’re on the ‘we’re sending you a card out of duty, not desire’ list. The odd messages, the large empty spaces, the misplaced signature that gives away the sender’s technique (open ‘em all, pile ‘em high, and scribble through them all as quickly as possible writing the same thing…)

We believe that sending a card should feel special. A little sentimental perhaps (if that’s your vibe), but certainly authentic, heartfelt and intentional.

Don’t make your card-writing a factory line. And don’t send a card because you feel you have to. Look at that list (or make one if you don’t have it already) and commit to sending cards to those people that you really want to.

Our cards are far too posh to send to everyone, and we’re okay with that. We want beautiful handprinted cards, handwritten by you, to become keepsakes. They’re special cards for your special people.

In our next post, we'll talk about the Writing Date itself and the importance of creating a ritual.


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