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Christmas card writing tips part two: Creating a ritual

Bea Brewer

It’s easy to create a ritual around writing your cards, once you’ve cleared a little space in your diary to do it. (Hopefully, you've checked out part 1 - all about organising a writing date!) 

So now, you're all ready to get stuck in! 


Create a ritual

Get yourself set up on your table or desk, and collect everything you need to complete the job. Make sure it feels comfortable and zen, and not too cluttered.

Aria Rose Gingerbread soy Christmas candle

We love to light a candle (Aria Rose’s Christmas scents are on the agenda for this year - how could you look past the aroma of Gingerbread wafting around you while you write?) Ambiance, tick! 

The final step before you can get writing is to brew a nice relaxing cup of tea.  

Yes, tea, not wine. Have you seen what happens when you drop red wine on lovely paper? It doesn’t go well. You can have the wine, but as a reward for a job well done. Not at the start, or you’ll be snoozing halfway through the task in hand…

The Tea Nomad Christmas tea gift set

Our favourite is The Tea Nomad's Sydney blend. We love this one because it's delicious either hot or iced, it has lovely hints of fruit to get you in mind of your Christmas Day pav!

Now you're all set, pick out your favourite pen (a cheap but cheerful Muji pen is a great option), and then settle in and get writing.

Get in the festive spirit

We get it, it’s hard to feel festive when it’s sunny outside and you could be at the beach, but instead you have to stay in and write Christmas cards. So it’s important to create the right vibe to get you in the mood for your Writing Date, before you sit down to write.

Play some Christmas songs (you can check out our Spotify Christmas Card Writing playlist here), watch your favourite Christmas movie (mine is absolutely Elf as no. 1, with Scrooged a close second), maybe decorate the house first. Whatever is guaranteed to get you feeling Christmassy.

You may also fancy making sure there’s a copious supply of mince pies, gingerbread men or your Christmas treat food of choice in close proximity. It helps keep your energy levels up. Plus crumbs can be swept right off greeting cards (just make sure they don’t get caught in the envelope…)


Don’t sweat the small stuff

We know that some people are self-conscious about their handwriting. Our advice? Don’t be!

Remember when those ‘print and send’ cards got really popular? Do you remember how you felt receiving a card that was TYPED? Sure, you could read it. But it doesn’t exactly make you feel like someone made an effort to send it.

Handwriting is personal. It takes effort and time. And that’s why people appreciate it. Even if the person at the other end can only make out 75% of the words, they’ll be 100% happier that you picked up a pen and wrote to them.

So don’t let your penmanship-self-esteem hold you back from connecting with the people most important to you.

In post no. three, we'll even share some tips on what to write.


And there you have it…

Some Lovely Paper tips to help you seriously up your Christmas card game this year. Let us know in the comments if you try our tips, have any of your own to add!



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