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Introducing... Ola Studio

Bea Brewer

Last week on the blog, we introduced the first of our new notebook range, Emilio Braga, and shared the inside scoop on my quite serious notebook addiction. Today, we’re delighted to share some new goodies for our notebook and paper goods range, from UK-based Ola Studio.

As friends of Lovely Paper will know, I lived in the UK for many years. If you know the country, you’ll know that the South West of England is a hotbed of creativity! (The region is also home to one of our letterpress makers Meticulous Ink) That was where we stumbled upon Ola Studio, a really special stationery brand designed in Bristol. 


Ola Studios Medium Layflat Notebook A5 in Kaffe Print, Brick Red

What initially attracted me to Ola Studio was the cool, almost Scandi-design-inspired, colours and prints. I'm a sucker for a good print. As often happens with me though, it was something different that sealed the deal. 

We’ve talked a lot about how we care about the where and the how things are made. Makers who are committed to continuing traditional methods and techniques, creating unique, beautiful products without a heavy reliance on industrial production or standardisation. 

So the fact that Ola Studio made their products in the UK was a big deal for us, but what made them the right fit for Lovely Paper was that their notebooks are not only beautiful, but they’re made the traditional way. As they say themselves "The use of age-old processes - stitching in place of gluing and inks laid with a roller, confers to each piece a distinct charm and character that can only come from traditional craftsmanship."

Ola Studio Medium Layflat A5 Notebook Kaffe Print, Brick Red, Unlined Pages

Once I felt the samples and saw the incredible detail in how these notebooks I made, I knew they were the perfect compliment for our new stationery and paper goods range. They're just gorgeous! 


These soft-cover notebooks are the perfect complement to our hardcover fabric bound Emilo Braga notebooks (in fact they look rather lovely together if you’re into a cool desk aesthetic.) One notebook print is full maximalist, brick red and white in a fun, geometric pattern. The other is minimalist perfection, a dreamy grey with just the tiniest hit of print on the spine - a white half-hexagon. 


Ola Studio Medium Layflat Notebook Hexagon Grey

Notebook nerds, here’s the important part:

  • All the notebooks we carry are A5 size (148 x 210mm) 
  • Sewn binding so the notebook will ‘layflat’ (rest open at your preferred pages)
  • 300gsm embossed paper cover, printed using traditional methods
  • 128 pages 
  • One of the notebooks we carry has unlined/blank pages, the other has dotted pages
  • The paper stock is FSC certified with vegetable-based inks

We selected these notebooks especially with artists, designers and doodlers in mind. Those who need to get lost in their notebooks for hours on end while inspiration strikes! The layflat design features sewn binding so your notebook will stay open on the pages you want while you fill them with magic - and the binding won’t crack or break under the pressure. 

From Ola Studio too, you’ll also discover the beautiful gift wrap sheets that we’re adding to our range in time for Christmas. We have two prints to choose from - a punchy red and white geometric print, and a gorgeous white and gold. The paper quality is really special, folds beautifully and looks great. And it’s 100% recyclable too. 

For the planner fans amongst you, the 2021 planner from Ola Studio is on the way, so keep your eyes peeled on our Stationery and Paper Goods collection

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