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Introducing... our 'hello' Letterpress Notecards

Bea Brewer

Hopefully by now, you’ll have been introduced to the very first Lovely Paper designed product - our ‘hello’ letterpress notecard sets. We love them so much! Each set contains six lovely letterpress notelets with envelopes, and of course, our Lovely Paper premium address labels. 

We’re so thrilled to release our first ever product to you, and can’t wait to see how you use our new notecards as you send them out to their new homes, and to your special people. 

In this post, we wanted to share a little more about these notecard sets, and bring you into their creation too - the things we thought were important as we designed them and the decisions that we made along the way. (For more of the story of why we made them, check out our blog post here)  

When thinking about braving the world of product development, we wanted to make sure that whatever we made was absolutely right for the Lovely Paper brand. Of course, that meant that it had to live up to the highest quality standards like all the letterpress greeting cards and products we stock at Lovely Paper. And as we work with only the very best makers, the standard is sky-high! 

We also wanted to make something that really felt special, something that helps create touching moments. Not just a run-of-the-mill notecard set, but something premium, luxurious and a joy to write on. We want you to get a little thrill when you first open up the notecard sets, and discover lots of little details to enjoy. We want these letterpress lovelies to be pride of place on your desk - and to delight whoever you send them to as well. 

Here are the things that we knew we had to include: 

The best quality paper - with eco-credentials

We chose two different paper stocks for our letterpress notelets, working with our letterpress print partner, Hungry Workshop in Melbourne. 

Our ‘blind’ impression notecards are printed on a unique recycled paper - made from recycled coffee cups! Coffee cups are a pretty tricky thing to recycle, so we were impressed with the ingenuity of this UK paper maker. The thing we like the most - they say it’s the only stock they actively want to discontinue. Hopefully one day very soon, we will no longer be filling landfill with disposable cups.   

Blind impression 'hello' letterpress notecard set with envelopes


‘Blind’ impression means that the card is put through the printing press without any ink, leaving the form of the design debossed on the card stock. For these ‘blind’ notecards, the creamy coloured card is the ideal match for the deep impression of the letterpress. 

Our colour versions are printed on fully FSC certified card stock. These notecards are off-white coloured and hold the pillowy deboss of the letterpress impression perfectly. 

Both cards have a smooth texture, and are great for writing on - doesn’t matter if you prefer pencil, ballpoint or gel ink, or if you’re a fountain pen guy/gal. 

Just enough space

One of the great things about a notecard is that there isn’t endless space - so it’s a far less intimidating blank space to fill than a writing paper, or a greeting card! 


Seedling green ink 'hello' letterpress notecard set with envelopes


We chose to position our design in the top corner, so it takes up enough space to be noticeable and distinctive - but there’s still plenty of room on the A6 notecard for you to write your message. Well, just enough space anyway! Whether your message is short or long, your words take pride of place on our beautiful notecards. 

Flexible design

We know that people choose to use a notecard for lots of occasions, so we wanted our design to not be so specific that it gets in the way. You can use these notecards to say thank you, for a baby shower, a housewarming, a special event, or to go along with a gift or token that just says ‘I’m thinking of you!’ 

Luxe envelopes

With letterpress notelets, this notecard set with envelopes is automatically more luxurious than many of those that you find in stores. But we didn’t want to overlook how important the envelopes are too.

We’re working with an Australian envelope maker based in WA, who offers the most incredible envelopes we’ve found. The envelopes we’ve selected are not only gorgeous colours, but they have a wonderful, visible, paper texture and feel great between the fingertips. You can definitely see and feel the quality of these envelopes. We also love the deep V-shaped envelope flap, it feels so elegant. Finish your notecard with one of our premium address labels, and the recipient will know this card is special before they even open it up! 


Our ‘hello’ letterpress notecard sets come in three different options - blind impression with an amber envelope, rust ink with a bluejay envelope or seedling green with a dusky pink envelope.


Rust ink 'hello' letterpress notecard set with envelopes


The colour combos are a little unexpected, and we think that’s what makes them so special. We love the combo of the creamy paper with the pop of the amber envelope, the rust and bluejay has a classic vibe, while the seedling green and dusky pink feels a bit retro modern. We wanted to give you choices so you could pick the set that best fits you! 

Don’t make me choose my fave, it’s impossible. It changes every single day. We asked you in our Instagram Stories too, and it was such a tight race! Seedling & dusky pink pipped it by a whisker, but it was a very very close call. Perhaps grab all three and then you won’t have to decide? 

Plastic-free packaging

Oftentimes, notecard sets come in boxes with a plastic see-through lid or inside cellophane wrap. We wanted to keep our product plastic-free, while still allowing you to see a hint of the treats inside! 

The solution that we have found is simple, but does exactly what is required. We package our sets with a little piece of our signature monochrome twine, and nestle everything inside a white glassine envelope and seal with a paper sticker.


Plastic-free packaging


Glassine is a smooth, glossy and translucent paper - it’s air, water and grease resistant, as well as acid-free, so it provides perfect protection for paper products. The best bit though? It’s fully recyclable, so when you’re done, you can pop the envelope into your normal household recycling bin. 

Unique and exclusive 

Of course, what makes Lovely Paper a special store is that you can find card sets that you won’t find anywhere else. We work with small batch makers who make amazing letterpress cards, with beautiful designs you won’t find in stores. Our ‘hello’ letterpress notecards are exclusive to Lovely Paper Co., so you can be assured that you’re getting something truly unique.

Letterpress ‘hello’ notecard sets are available now to order from

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