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It's that time of year again - Here's the posting dates you need to know for Christmas cards in 2021

Bea Brewer

All bets are off in 2021, and everywhere we turn there's stories of shortages and shipping delays - so if sending Christmas cards to your loved ones is on your Christmas to-do list this year, it's a good idea to get organised early! 

To help you out, not only do we have our 2021 Christmas Shop filled with luxury letterpress greeting card sets, gift sets for stationery lovers and premium recyclable gift wrap - we've also got this easy guide to Aus Post's last posting dates for 2021. 

Read on to discover the last posting dates for Christmas in Australia for 2021, whether your Christmas cards are heading off in the mail to elsewhere in Australia, over the ditch to New Zealand or further afield to the US, Europe or Asia. 

This article was last updated in November 2021, based on the latest information from Australia Post. All references below are for standard and economy air postage for letters/cards - different dates apply for parcel post and express options. For more information visit Australia Post. 

Within Australia 

The recommended last date for posting your Christmas cards to your interstate mates this year is Thursday 16 December. If you're posting cards within the same state, you have a few days more to play with - with the last posting date being Monday 20 December. 


New Zealand

The last posting date for New Zealand in 2021 is 23 November.



The last posting date for China in 2021 is 16 November.


Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand)

The last posting date for countries in Asia in 2021 is 23 November, but for Indonesia will be 16 November. 


Pacific Islands

The last posting date for Pacific Islands in 2021 is 16 November.


The US & Canada  

The last posting date for the US and Canada in 2021 is 16 November.


UK & Ireland  

The last posting date for the UK and Ireland in 2021 is 16 November. 


Mainland Europe

The last posting date for major countries in Europe in 2021 is 16 November.


Elsewhere in the world (Zone 8/9 countries) 

The last posting date for countries not listed above in 2021 is 16 November. 


Postage costs

Each year Australia Post offers a discounted rate for stamps to send Christmas cards both within Australia, and to international addresses. 

This year, sending a card within Australia will just cost 0.65 cents (compared to the regular price of $1.10) and if you're sending overseas, you'll pay $2.40 for your Christmas stamps, saving between 30c and $1.30 depending on how far your card is going!


There's one other very important kind of Christmas correspondence to get in the mail - Letters to Santa


North Pole

The good news is that the postage service between Australia and the North Pole is operating really well this year, so there's still plenty of time to get your letters to Santa Claus ready.


Just make sure your letter is in the postbox by 3 December 2021. (Parents, that link has some very important info for you about this important task!) 


So there you have it - all the last posting dates for 2021. Do consider these a guide but as we all know the postal system is under pressure at the moment and with letter deliveries not happening every day, we'd suggest aiming to have your Christmas cards in the postbox as early as you can to make sure they reach their destination and your very special people in plenty of time for the big day! 



The Lovely Paper Christmas Shop is now open. Order your most special letterpress Christmas cards early to ensure they arrive on time! 


If you're looking for inspiration on getting organised and inspiration for writing your Christmas cards, check out our Four Part blog series

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