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Our January theme: Slow

Bernadine Brewer

January. It's a month of New Year's Resolutions, of fresh starts, of goals and the best of intentions. We're as excited as anyone, particularly as there are so many ideas bubbling in our mind for Lovely Paper for 2019. 

So why is our theme for the month 'slow'? 

Truth is, a lot of reasons. 

Probably the biggest one is to keep ourselves in check. Eek.  


Note to self: Slow. Down. 

Over on Instagram, we've been chatting with you about what you want from us in 2019. We have all kinds of plans for new products for 2019... and, of course, if we could we'd do it ALL RIGHT NOW.

The reality of getting a new business off the ground is that it's not that straightforward, and we need to manage our own enthusiasm just a little to avoid total destruction... 

2018 was also a very busy year - right from day one. One of the things we'd like to achieve this year is a better work/life balance, and one of the things that 2018 wanted to teach us (whether we wanted to learn it or not!) was waiting, and the value in patience. 

So this is us. Telling ourselves to slow down and enjoy the ride. We'll still be bringing you lots of new products this year - but they'll come, one by one. And all in good time. 

Slow and steady wins the race 

With all the focus on the future and the possibility that 2019 holds, it's easy to get all caught up in feeling like without immediate results, we're failing. We're as guilty as anyone on that!

No matter what the goal, it's consistency and not speed that'll get you there. So slowing down can help you keep on going. 


National Handwriting Day

A final reason is January holds National Handwriting Day (23rd). Writing by hand slows you down - gives your mind a chance to catch up, to pause and reflect. It's also a skill that we've all gotten worse at using. 

There's a reason that calligraphers say their practice is meditative. But even if your penmanship is far from perfect, handwriting is still a great way to take your time and maintain focus. 

Maybe this month, join us in taking a bit of time to pick up a pen and write it all out? 

Of course, we'd love if you used that handwriting to write a lovely card to a lovely person in your life - but it's just as handy a technique to make those January goals feel more tangible, as well as to better focus on the joy of where you are right now. 


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