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Our Not-So Black Friday

Bea Brewer

Dear all

Oh I can imagine, your inbox is full to the brim of brands shouting about their Black Friday sales. Well, this is to tell you that sadly (in some ways) we're not going to be one of them! 

Yes, it's true, we will not be having a Black Friday sale. There's a reason this whole hooha started with the Big Guys, and they employ all kinds of retail tricks to get you to buy from them over the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

As a small business we can't possibly compete - selling a mostly handmade range of products, our margins are teeny tiny already especially when we offer free shipping on all orders over $10. 

But, we love love love our customers so we wanted to do something special for you instead, something that rewards you for choosing to shop with a small business. 

We're busy putting the finishing touches to a range of freebies, discounts and giveaways for everyone who shops with us this weekend. 

And if you've shopped with us before? Well you'll get some bigger and better treats!  

We know that shopping small is a choice. This is our way of saying a big ole Thank You to our lovely customers, and for choosing to support small, local businesses. We need that support, especially at Christmas and especially this year. 

So check out your inbox on Thursday for full details of our Not-So Black Friday or join us over on Instagram for more.

Bea xx

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