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Our November theme: Attention

Bea Brewer

November to us here at Lovely Paper is all about 'attention', a precious commodity at this crazy time of year.

Attention brings time and energy to the things that matter. We're thinking about attention in lots of different ways so join us on Instagram @lovelypaperau to explore the theme across November.

Personally, I'm making two big commitments to 'attention' this month.


Writing is a great way to focus attention. Alongside my Christmas cards this year, I'm committing to sit down and write letters to go inside. Actual letters, written in actual ink and totally tailored to the person they're going to. Yep, kickin' it old school.

It's my way of showing attention to the people I love, and actually using sending Christmas cards as a way to create connection - rather than another chore that has to be ticked off the list. 

While you don't have to do the same, I will be sharing a bit more about how we all can make Christmas cards more fun to do and more meaningful to the person who receives them this month. 

So don't worry if your handwriting isn't the greatest. Just know that your friends and family receiving a handwritten card tells them you're giving them attention, in the way an email, text or IM never could. So get those pens out through November and focus attention on the people that matter in your world. 



With Black Friday and Click Frenzy and the general onset of present-buying panic that captures us in November, it is easy to get caught up in spend, spend, spend. I'll admit, it happens to me - I love buying gifts so I want to get everything I see for everyone I've ever met!! 

This year, my second commitment is to dedicate a bit more attention to where my money is going this Christmas. Buying less, but better. Paying attention to who I am spending my money with. Choosing to support small and local businesses, and makers and craftspeople, instead of the big guys. Being generous with my time, not just 'stuff'.

Through November, I'll let you know how I'm getting on - and maybe you'll join me for the ride? 


Every month, Lovely Paper has a theme. They're there to give you a chance to think about who may need to hear from you, feelings that may be waiting to be expressed or celebrated, reasons to reach out. 

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