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Our October theme: Support

Bea Brewer

This October, we're appreciating just how vital support is to us humans.

The need for support is really highlighted in small business - whether its from friends or family during the early days, or the support from all of you as customers. 

Lovely Paper is also built around supporting other small businesses; the talented designers and letterpress printers we work with. We know just how much time, energy and love goes into making the cards that we sell - and we want to do what we can to help keep the craft of letterpress alive. 

This October, we want to help create touching moments when people feel supported. Sending a card might be a small thing, but coming home to an envelope on the doormat, with a beautiful card and kind words written inside does bring a smile. 

Join us through October and share your support for the people in your world who need it, whether it's being there during the hard times or backing someone's big dreams!


Every month, Lovely Paper has a theme. They're there to give you a chance to think about who may need to hear from you, feelings that may be waiting to be expressed or celebrated, reasons to reach out.

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