Our September theme: Gratitude – lovelypaperco Our September theme: Gratitude – lovelypaperco



Our September theme: Gratitude

Bea Brewer

September is here, and we have SO much to be grateful for.

Every month, Lovely Paper has a theme. They're there to give you a chance to think about who may need to hear from you, feelings that may be waiting to be expressed or celebrated, reasons to reach out.

This time we've chosen 'Gratitude' as our theme - because later this month is Gratitude Day.

And let's be honest, when we're busy, overloaded or too focused on the next thing, gratitude can easily fall away. (Yes, I'm totally talking about myself...).

In the spirit of our 'Gratitude' month, I'll be practicing what I preach - and sending out the four Thank You cards from our card set out into the world to create some touching moments of my own - as well as sharing some of the things that I'm grateful for throughout the month over there. Come join me at @lovelypaperau.

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