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Tips for writing Christmas cards part three - What to write in Christmas cards (Updated for 2021)

Bea Brewer

Wondering what to write in your Christmas cards this year?

Yes, one of the nerve-wracking things is figuring out what to write in your Christmas cards, with those big and kinda intimidating, blank spaces. 

(Do you sometimes long for those days when cards came with poems inside? Cheesy, yes - but all that space was taken up...) 

Here's a few little tips on where to start when you're stuck with what to say. 


Who else, like me, started 2021 thinking that the worst was behind us? It hasn't quite been the year that any of us expected but it's certainly given us plenty of time to think! 

Little funny stories of things that happened make great content for Christmas cards, as do memories of things that have happened to you or within your family during the year. This year has been a little 'start and stop' but there are probably enough happenings to fill a short Christmas letter to go along with my cards.

As Christmas is a time for reflection, and while of course, you can include anecdotes of what's happened but you can also consider drawing on the shifts that you've seen in yourself or your family or things that you've learned about what's important through this unexpected kind of year. 

If that feels too much for you, you can also look at the little things that have come to hold some importance this year - like how the kids adapted to homeschooling, your new appreciation for your local area, or what you've managed to grow in the garden this year. 

Keep it simple and heartfelt


This hasn't been your average year, for any of us, and for some, like me, it's meant I haven't gotten to see many of my special people at all this year. A big thing for me to tell many of them this year is pretty simple: I miss you! 


Look forward


Christmas cards are a great time to share what plans you have for the future, especially in a year like this - from the small to the life-changing. Perhaps you have been inspired to start working on a personal project, or you're planning on renovating, making that sea-change or simply share what that epic trip you're planning looks like now that borders are open. 


Get extra personal

It's so nice when a card you receive feels like it was really written for you. If that's the kind of touching moment you'd love to create, then you can borrow this trick. Think of one thing about the person you’re sending the card to; a memory you shared, a kind word they said to you, a thoughtful gesture they did for you; something that happened between you this year that sticks in your mind. Then write about it!


Involve the little ones

A perfect way to fill up that sometimes overwhelming blank space is to get your little ones to add a message. After all, a three year old’s scrawl can take up a whole side... 

It’s a sweet and easy trick that can involve your kids, share the writing ritual with them, and will definitely bring a smile to whoever receives your cards.


In our next post, we'll explore some ideas for finishing touches for your cards before they head off in the mail.  

What are your tips and tricks on what to write in cards? Tell us in the comments and we'll add them to a post dedicated to your advice! 




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