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Christmas card writing tips part three: What on earth to write in your Christmas greeting card

Bernadine Brewer

Wondering what to write in your Christmas cards this year?

Yes, one of the nerve-wracking things is figuring out what to write in your Christmas cards, with those big and kinda intimidating, blank spaces. 

(Do you sometimes long for those days when cards came with poems inside? Cheesy, yes - but all that room was taken up...) 

Here's a few little tips on where to start when you're stuck with what to say. 


I don’t know about you, but for me, 2018 has been a very busy year.


Christmas is a time for reflection, so this year, I’m committing to not just writing a little sentimental something in my Christmas cards, I’m going to write letters to go alongside them.


I have a tendency to rush on by, and not stop to smell the roses. This year has taught me to slow down and focus on putting more energy and attention into my most cherished relationships. So, for me, this is the year I do need to look back on, remember what has happened (and how I felt about it) and write it all out, to reflect on the year that was.

Even if you don't want to write a full letter, it should give you a little anecdote or memory that you can call on as content! 


Get extra personal

It's so nice when a card you receive feels like it was really written for you. If that's the kind of touching moment you'd love to create, then you can borrow this trick. Think of one thing about the person you’re sending the card to; a memory you shared, a kind word they said to you, a thoughtful gesture they did for you; something that happened between you this year that sticks in your mind. Then write about it!


Involve the little ones

A perfect way to fill up that sometimes overwhelming blank space is to get your little ones to add a message. After all, a three year old’s scrawl can take up a whole side... 

It’s a sweet and easy trick that can involve your kids, share the writing ritual with them, and will definitely bring a smile to whoever receives your cards.


In our next post, we'll explore some ideas for finishing touches for your cards before they head off in the mail.  

What are your tips and tricks on what to write in cards? Tell us in the comments and we'll add them to a post dedicated to your advice! 

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