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Why we love... our Cherry Christmas cards

Bea Brewer

Meet our Cherry Christmas cards

Introducing you to Lovely Paper's first greeting card design - Cherry Christmas. Here's just a few reasons why we love them! 



Designed for the Australian Christmas

What says Christmas in Australia more than a big punnet of delicious, fresh cherries? (Of course, I also find it hard to go past a festive pun...) 

And so Cherry Christmas came to be.

Once I'd settled on the idea to make a tree from a cherry motif, I can't tell you how many cherries I drew to get the final style, shape and details right! 

It wasn't just the design that was inspired by Australian Christmas, the colour choices are also inspired by local flora - in fact, the particular red and green pairing was inspired by the Crimson Bottlebrush which is adorning our parks and gardens at this time of year.

Our Cherry Christmas cards are Aussie made through and through - designed in Sydney, letterpress printed in Albury, paired with the best quality premium envelopes made in Western Australia. 



The luxury and texture of letterpress

What I've always loved most of all about letterpress is how it feels between your fingertips. The fluffy cotton paper, the deep impression, it's all dreamy textures that immediately say quality and luxury. 

Our Cherry Christmas cards certainly fit the bill. The punchy colours pop on the creamy textured paper (zoom in to take a look at the gorgeous paper grain), the pillowy debossed cherries feel like a party for your fingertips. Even our envelope choice features a beautiful paper texture and a deep V-shaped flap in rich Pear green. 

These are the cards you save to send to your most special people, when you want them to feel just how special they are to you. 



Printed the old school way, in Albury NSW

Our lovely Cherry Christmas cards were printed by one of our long-time makers, D&D Letterpress. (You'll find more of their work in our Thank You set, as well as in our other Christmas card sets too!)

A husband and wife team, Doug & Danika create beautiful letterpress work printing on vintage presses.

I love the story of how they rescued their first treadle press, named Wendy, from an old hospital which was about to be demolished - and from there, they lovingly restored her back to working order.

In this snap you'll see Fritz, their 1.2 tonne Original Heidelberg from 1953, busy printing our Cherry Christmas cards earlier this year.

A 67 year old press still creating gorgeous letterpress for us to enjoy! 




The Lovely Paper Christmas Shop is now open. Order your most special letterpress Christmas cards early to ensure they arrive on time! 


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