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Our Story

Bea from Lovely Paper Co.


Our story 

Hello, I’m Bea, the founder of Lovely Paper. Originally from Ireland, Sydney has been my home since 2012. Through those years, I’ve been lucky enough to indulge my passion for lettering and letterpress, and get my hands covered in ink on many occasions.

Through the courses I’ve taken, and the magic of Instagram, I’ve met many makers - both skilled technical craftspeople who operate letterpress machines, and designers who create and print their own work.

The people who make our cards carefully choose and cut their papers. They mix ink by hand. They design and create plates to print from. They spend hours prepping before ever starting to print, then they print and check and line up and adjust and run the paper sometimes three or four times through the press to get the final product. They oil and tweak and troubleshoot machines that are hundreds of years old. It’s slow and precise and frankly, takes the patience of saints!

So when you buy a set from Lovely Paper Co., this is what you’ll get. Craftsmanship. Care. Texture. Feeling.

I’ve started Lovely Paper to share the love of letterpress, to support small businesses who are keeping the craft alive and to help everyone make more of the special moments that we have to share how we really feel.


What we believe

Here at Lovely Paper, we believe that life is better when you feel. Modern life means we're not as in touch with real things that come from nature, nor with creating. We're also seeing more isolation, more loneliness and maybe even more unexpressed emotions. 

Our beautifully printed letterpress cards feel great in your hands; texture and weight from gorgeous cotton rag, deep impression of letters and ink. They also feel great when you fill them with words that express how you really feel.


Our mission 

We're on a mission to bring more touching moments into the world. We want everyone to have a chance to express what's tucked away in hearts and souls. And we think a heartfelt, handwritten card can do the job rather nicely. 

Whether you're the sender or the receiver, we all know the feeling of receiving a special greeting, or reading words written, just for us, by our special people. We want to bring about more of these touching moments, so we're bringing you beautiful, tactile letterpress cards for every reason there is to reach out. The rest is up to you.